Sunday, 22 January 2012


I am from NSW so my youngest (a girl)starts High School next Monday. The other 2 (boys) are in their early 20's.

It is amazing how much technology and schooling has changed over the years.

When my youngest boy was a baby (very early 1990's) I was doing a DE course. I was using an electronic typewriter for my assignments. You would ring the 'lecturer' at given times Or leave a message for them to ring you.

All materials were sent out, including tapes.

We did not have webinars, podcasts, online resources, forums and a great support system from our subject coordinators. I had to go to the nearest Uni to access materials (books).

There were no laptops from work. Every now and then I used to haul the computer home on the weekend to complete programs or worksheets.

We did not buy a computer until the boys were 6 1/2 and 9 years old.
There was one computer in the classroom.

The youngest one grew up with a computer at home. She had access to computer when she was at pre-school. Daily events were recorded and parents could watch at the end of the day. AT her school for some reason they decided against Interactive Whiteboards but she is heading there next week. There are computers in everysubject area. The students get a laptop for 4 years and something else in Year 11. They said a new laptop, but where will technology be at that stage.

Recently I got a list of textbooks. She will be getting an ebook for Maths.

I learn a lot from my children about technology.

I used to complain about mobile phones initially and about texting. One day when my eldest was in high school he wanted to go on the home computer. I told him that I needed to type from a draft. He said that he would type it for me. I came back 15 minutes later and he was doing his own work. I started to be annoyed but he stopped me and showed me mine finished work. The speed was amazing, all due to texting. Luckily his spelling skills are great even though he uses shortcuts when texting.

Good luck with your day tomorrow. Don't forget the tissues AND camera.

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