Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Website Labyrinth

I feel that at times it is easier to escape the Minotaur in a labyrinth than navigate through a website (especially in 36C heat) In the last few days I think I have managed to locate most of my resources to study. I have printed out a list of resources and been able to tick off items I have printed, listened to and responded on the forums, I have started a blog, listened to pre-recorded Webinars , podcasts, and instructions on how to search databases .

I  still have not accessed all I need and questions are not always answered. Ideas shared by some students have been quite useful. I wish there was a guide to show in what order items need to be accessed.

I am also wondering whether this blog is primarily for one subject or can I address learnings for my other subject. Maybe I need 2 blogs but then that could become confusing.

At least there are others wandering and wondering with me through this labyrinth with various degrees of success.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


I have always been fascinated with the 'library' as far back as I can remember. Each time I visited some places I was fascinated by various collections. Each place had their own collections pertaining to their interests. If you look at a family's collections you have items that each individual has selected, there are items that have been bought by others as gifts reflecting what they think a person likes or needs, There are items necessary for a person's education, hobby,  and so on. This  can apply to the written word: books, magazines, comics, reference books.; music/entertainment: CD's, DVD's, Videos, cassettes. information stored on computers. There is also a collection of items necessary for a person's "recreation" eg. football shirt, scart, memento, program.

In a effect it is a mini-library. It is not what one person feels should be in a house but a collection of the needs of the Family community.

Libraries are a places where items are able to be selected by members of a given community. As needs change the collection needs to be tweaked.

A librarian needs to be a teacher librarian. To be able to work with others in order to meet their learning needs. The role would be different to the various 'learners in the setting: students, teachers, princip, parents, KLA co-ordinators.

The role of the teacher-librarian is quite intricate. While teachers and librarians are being trained/re-trained  in the area there still is a certian lack of understanding of the role by others within the school. It is also imporatnt to educate all members of a school as to the role. In some schools the role is misunderstood or not given the proper attention that it should.

As a teacher I usually have befriended the teacher-librarian at the schools that I have taught. They were and are indispensable to my role as a teacher. Working collaboratively has been very rewarding. I feel that students have benefited where there has been this collaboration.

In many cases, though,  the teacher-librarian, was consulted after planning. It would have been beneficial for the TL to be there during planning to have a better perspective of how best to allocate her time and to be aware whether there are relevant resources available or whether items need to be purchased.