Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Assignment 1 - each mark counts

Got my first assignment back. Result was more or less what I expected. Room for improvement.

After handing in my assignment and the when I got it back,I went over where I could have improved ( or lose marks).

I had thought more about the assignment contents than about the presentation. We were sent so much information but that got lost among the readings and the forums. There was no official cover page and no footer  with relevant information and page number. I think of what could have happened if something had gone wrong with the printer. The pages could have been thrown on the floor and no one would know (except for the first page) that the assignment belonged to me. This omission cost me some marks. Not a lot, but then each mark counts.

I spent more time on one part then on the other (this showed up in the marking for that part.) I did not double check the URLs. I did not answer some aspects of the question.

Roy kept writing something to the effect: always go back to the question, read over what is required, critically analyse what is required. I did do that but I should have done more. I got caught up with end of year activities, school and personal.

Referencing was another area that needed to be addressed. I need to record references in correct format as I read anything. Any interesting quotes need to be recorded  with page. numbers next to them. I spent ages looking things up again or not being able to find a URL because the link had been copied down incorrectly.

The experiences learnt here have added points to my next assignment , unless the content needs improvement.

Remember: Cover page,footnote with name,course number, student number, page number.
Double check your references, make sure the URLs work.

Organise your time to allow for family, work, study, play, rest and good eating habits. Stay hydrated.

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  1. I remember my first assignment for my BIS in 2007. I had no heaaders, page numbers, subject numbers anything and got pretty much the same response. Since then, I developed a general assignment template in Word which is basically 1 page with relevant headers and footers (name, student #, page #, subject name and #) as well as a generic title page. Has helped me HEAPS! I also love Endnote for referencing, though only discovered it last year and am still learning a lot from it. Good luck with the rest of your studies :-)