Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Website Labyrinth

I feel that at times it is easier to escape the Minotaur in a labyrinth than navigate through a website (especially in 36C heat) In the last few days I think I have managed to locate most of my resources to study. I have printed out a list of resources and been able to tick off items I have printed, listened to and responded on the forums, I have started a blog, listened to pre-recorded Webinars , podcasts, and instructions on how to search databases .

I  still have not accessed all I need and questions are not always answered. Ideas shared by some students have been quite useful. I wish there was a guide to show in what order items need to be accessed.

I am also wondering whether this blog is primarily for one subject or can I address learnings for my other subject. Maybe I need 2 blogs but then that could become confusing.

At least there are others wandering and wondering with me through this labyrinth with various degrees of success.

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