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INF506 OLJ Task 4. Building Academic Library 2.0

Activity:  View this YouTube video called 'Building Academic Library 2.0'. This is part of a symposium sponsored by Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley Division in 2007. While this presentation is over one (1) hour in duration, there are a number of key points raised by a number of speakers, including the keynote speaker Meredith Farkas, that relate to any library or information agency that is trying to transfrom their library into a 2.0 Library.

Consider advice provided by one or more of the speakers in terms of a library and information agency that you know (as an employee or user). Select five (5) key pieces of advice from these speakers, and consider how these may be applied to your library to help it embrace a Library 2.0 ethos. Write up your findings as a post (of no more than 350 words in your OLJ). 

Applications of Key pieces of advice

  • Partnership (Collaboration) - Jim Neal / Meredith Farkas
TL will need to work in adjusted partnership (collaboration) with class teachers and other staff members. In-servicing staff about ‘updated ‘ role of TL would be advantageous. The TL was CSU trained approximately 5 years ago. There have been changes in leadership and staff. Web 2.0 technologies used by staff are fairly recent and implemented by few.
  • Be aware of emerging technologies and opportunities
The TL should discover what Web2.0 tools the classroom teachers are using in the classroom. How are these tools being used? How much information were the students given about using the tools responsibly? Do students reference content use/? Is it referenced properly? How else could the web2.0 tools be used? How could the TL record what tools are used, who uses the tools and how are tools used?

  • Understand staff needs and limitations                                                                                              Remember to meet staff at point of need. (Concerns -Based Approach Model-CBAM)How,  when and to whom could the teachers  share their knowledge use of the SN tools with other staff? Empower teachers to teach others  so their learning can be valued.  

  • Communicate Better with patrons
Review how information about the library is promoted to the patrons. Set up a library blog and RSS feed to the blog from the school website. Set up a library twitter account to communicate library happenings. Put the library twitter widget on the school website for updates as they occur.

·         *            Develop a learning culture
The TL works 3 days a week and caters for 14 classes. All the sessions are RFF sessions for the class teachers.  Some of the sessions are research that is related to class themes, other times promoting of resources and borrowing.   Make ‘keeping up’ part of people’s job description. There is value for learning.

“Build into people’s jobs the requirement to work with new tools… this makes it clear that it’s a real job, it’s serious and it matters to the administration. (Farkas in University of California, 2007)


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