Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Thoughts after  Reading The Intro and section 1 and 2 of the following

De Rosa, C., Cantrell, J., Havens, A., Hawk, J. & Jenkins, L. (2007). Sharing privacy and trust in our networked world: A report to the OCLC membership. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC.  [ebook] Available

How do the concepts and findings in these sections of the OCLC report reflect your view of the socially networked world in 2012?

The socially networked world is a fast growing phenomenon. So fast in fact that many people do not stop to investigate various sites and the potential 'side effects'. People from older generations seem to be more cautious. Many of my friends 50+ are not on any networked site or if they are they use it sparingly.

I am amazed how many friends or acquaintances do not fully understand repercussions. I am also staggered by the amount of children under the age of 13 who are on sites such as Facebook. It seems that either their parents have allowed this or they themselves have altered the date of birth. These young people have interesting photos and they name their acquaintances. They have not put safety checks in place.

It is amazing how you can follow links and learn information about' friends' of  'friends' . I am certain that they wold be unaware who has access to these. The more prudent people are those who block the way, unless you ask to be invited.

I feel that I am more secure by being part of a group, like INF. It is a responsible way of learning about various aspects of networking.

I was also amazed how many sites are out there in the world. I also discovered that many of the findings were not surprising to me.

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